This site is dedicated to my up and coming 7 Gallon mini reef aquarium and the

wonderful hobby of reefkeeping. I hope that you find this site interesting and

informative. I also hope that you like the pictures!


Iíve been reefkeeping for several years now and currently have a 12 Gallon

nano reef set up.Iím in the process of taking down that tank and building a

7 gallon.I plan on taking most of the corals, rock, and water out of my 12 to

eliminate any cycle.Iím switching to a slightly smaller tank so that I can more easily

take it with me to college, and Iíd like to redo a few things from the start.


My liverock was purchased from Paragon Aquatics,

and has really developed into amazing rock. I got the precured Figi.


I took a picture of a Nudibranch that randomly appeared one day and it turns

out to be the first time this exact species has ever been photographed! Click Here to see

and read about this Nudibranch. It was identified by Bill Rudman at the Sea Slug Forum.

Sadly, this Nudibranch has since died.


Some of my coral saw some terrific growth in my 12G.

Click here to see the growth of my Toadstool Leather over 6 months!

Click here to see the growth of my Zooanthids over 6 months!


The major plague of this tank was flatworms but recently the problem

has been solved by the amazing Velvet Nudibranch! I purchased 1 of these little

guys from Flying Fish Express and thankfully it arrived alive. As soon as it entered

the tank it started sucking up the flatworms and now there are none to be found. It must

have eaten 500 flatworms in 3 days! I highly recommend a Velvet Nudibranch to anybody

with a flatworm problem.


 All of the pictures on this site were taken by me with a Toshiba PDR-M4 Digital Camera.

I got it off Ebay, and Iím still working on my photography skills.

For the money Iíd say itís a great camera.  


Please email me with any comments or suggestions.



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