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For those of you not familiar with the Springdale Pool & Park, here are some details. The park does have a 1 acre pool, softball and volleyball fields/courts, horseshoe pits, and a miniature golf course (which is $3.00 per individual to play). There is also a $7.00 admittance fee to enter the park, so everyone come prepared to pay to get in.

There is plenty of room for someone to set up a game of washers (which we have done in the past), so if anyone would like to help us out and bring a set, then let me know so I can stop looking. I'll also bring some cards, just in case anyone would like to try their hand at defeating an all-time rummy champ.

There are a couple of other O'Charley's related "activities" that we're doing as well. First of all, I've recently gone through those 4 photo albums from the 5 years that I was at the Chux, and I've pared down my personal Chux photo collection down to basics. So... I've got about 400 photos that I'm dumping (not literally), so everyone is more than welcome to dig through and relive all those oh-so-pleasant memories, and at the end of the BBQ, anyone who wants 'em can have 'em. All I ask is that no one take any until everyone has had a chance to flip through 'em all.

Secondly, I'm suggesting a "recycling," of sorts. There are a lot of us that no longer work at the Chux, so in order to clear out closet space, I think it might be nice (to help out the ones that are still there), so recycle all our old ugly shirts. I've got a small stash from my old, green suitcase (everyone remember that hideous thing???) that I'll be bringing, so if you've got 'em (and you're not emotionally tied to them), please bring them to help out our younger "cousins."

Lastly, it would be kinda cool if we could do this on an annual basis. This is the best group of people that I think I've ever had the privilege of working with, and I do consider all of you my friends. It would be nice to keep in touch. I'll have a "sign-up" sheet out for anyone who wants to add their name to a O'Chux family mailing list. I still have a domain at yahoo, so I could still work as admin and sent out bulletins from time to time. It would be cool to know when so-and-so is getting married, or that what's-her-name is going to be having quintuplets...

Okay, that's it for this update...

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