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1990:  Tyson vs. Douglass (Ex)
          Tyson vs. Tillman (Ex)      
          Forman vs. Rodriguez (Ex)
          Hamed vs. Sanchez (Ex)
          Diaz vs. Ward (Ex)
2001  Rahman vs. Lewis (Ex)

1991 World Series Game 7: Twins vs. Braves.- 10th inning + local and Nat'l post game  (VG)
2002 White Sox vs. Royals: The fan brawl game-Crazy fans attack coach. (VG)

College Basketball (More coming soon!!!)
1980 Winston Tire Classic: Minnesota vs North Carolina.- Sorry, just parts of the game (P)
1980 Purdue at Minnesota:  Joe Barry Carroll vs. Kevin McHale (G)
1981 Wisconsin at Purdue (F)
1985 Minnesota at Wisconsin.- 1st half . Rick Olson stars. (G)
1987 Indiana at Wisconsin. - 3 OT Thriller on ESPN. (F-G)
1987 Minnesota at Wisconsin - Wisconsin upsets on ESPN (F-G)
1989 Illinois at Wisconsin. - Final 6:15, Fans storm the court. Big Upset (G)
1989 Northwestern at Wisconsin.-  Badgers win. (G)
1990 Ohio State at Wisconsin. 1st half. Danny Jones tops all-time scoring list. (G)
2000 NCAA Round 1. Wisconsin vs Fresno State.- Good quality but recorded in EP.
2000 NCAA Round 2. Wisconsin vs Arizona. - Good quality but recorded in EP..
2000 NCAA Round 4. Wisconsin vs. Purdue. -  Badgers to Final Four. (VG-EX)
2001 Indiana at Minnesota.- Gophers ovecome 13 point deficit, win in overtime. (EX)
2001 NIT Round 1 Villanova at Minnesota. Scrappy Gophers win at home. (EX)
2003 Womens NCAA Tourney Minnesota vs Stanford. Gophers Upset. SLP (G)
2004 Women's NCAA Tourney Round One: Minnesota vs. UCLA (VG)
2004 Women's NCAA Tourney Round Two: Minnesota vs. Kansas State (VG)
2004 Women's NCAA Tourney Round Three: Minnesota vs. Boston College (VG)
2004 Women's NCAA Tourney Round Four: Minnesota vs. Duke (VG)
2004 Women's NCAA Final Four: Minnesota vs. U Conn (VG)

College Football
1977 Minnesota at Michigan -ABC-TV Cool to see QB Dungy (P) but viewable.
1980 Blue/Grey Game. - Sorry, just parts of game. (P)
1981 Oregon State at Minnesota.- Missing 1st quarter. ABC-TV Regional Game (G)
1981 Michigan at Minnesota - ESPN game at Memorial Stadium. (G)
1981 Purdue at Wisconsin ABC Regional TV (Bill Flemming, Russ Francis) (G)
1983 Illinios at Wisconsin- The "bounce pass" (F-P)
1984 Ohio State at Wisconsin. - Big upset by Wisconsin. CBS-TV  (F-G)
1985 Wisconsin at Iowa. Missing 1st quarter. 10-10 tie  (VG)
1988 Minnesota at Wisconsin. - Opening, part of 1st quarter, local TV Highlights (F)
1988 Illinois at Wisconsin. - Infamous Don Morton in coffin open. Part of 1st Qtr. (F)
1991 Rose Bowl: Northwestern vs. Iowa. - Keshawn stars. (F-G)
1999 Iowa at Minnesota. - 1st half and part of 3rd qtr. Re-broadcast (VG)
1999 Minnesota at Penn State. - The big upset. Good quality but recorded in EP.  (G)
2000 NCAA Div.III Playoffs -  Pacific Lutheran vs Bethel. (EX)
2000 Bowl - Minnesota blows 24-0 lead to NC State, lose 38-30. (EX)

Pro Football
1978 NFL Minnesota at Tampa Bay. - Aging Tarkenton and Vikes  win. (F)
1979 NFL Houston at Dallas. Staubach & Co. vs Earl Campbell. (G)
1980 NFL Pre-Season: San Diego at Minnesota.- 2nd quarter (23:00) (G)
1981 NFL Hall of Fame Game: Cleveland vs Atlanta - 1st quarter (VG)
1997 Semi-Pro Football: Maulers vs Sting.- Metrodome Crowd of 100. (EX)
2000 NFL Pre-Season: Saints at Vikes. Daunte's 1st ever TD pass (EX)
2000 NFL Pre-Season: Cardinals at Vikings. Daunte 300 yards, Moss runs wild. (EX)
2001 NFL Playoffs: Vikings vs Giants. - The Massacre in the Meadowlands. (EX)

Pro Hockey
1978-79 NHL Boston at Minnesota.-  Most of 3rd Period. Local Broadcast  (G)
1978-79 NHL Minnesota at Atlanta.-  Final 4:00 of game. (G)
1980 NHL Playoffs: Buffalo at Minnesota - 1st Period. Dino scores (G)
1980 NHL Playoffs: Game 3 Minnesota at Toronto - Final 10:16 + OT. (G)
1980 NHL Playoffs: Game 3 Philadelphia at Minnesota. Just game clips, highlights.  (P)
1981 NHL Playoffs: Game 4 Islanders at Minnesota. - Missing part of 3rd Period. (G)
1981 NHL Playoffs: Game ? Sabres at Minnesota -Part of 1st period, Dino scores (VG)
2000 NHL Philadelphia at Wild - 1st Regular season home game. 3-3 Tie. (EX)

Highlight Videos/Features
College Football:
"On Wisconsin"- The history of University of Wisconsin Football.
"Go Badgers" - 1993 Football Season Highlight Video
"Rose Bowl 94" - The Badger Invasion
"Golden Hundred" - 1981 University of Minnesota Football Highlight Film.
"Long Gold Line" - 1980 University of Minnesota Football Highlight Film.
"Football in Gold Country" - 1978 University of Minnesota Football Highlight Film
"Return to Glory" - 1977 University of Minnesota Football Highlight Film
"A Winning Tradition- 1976 University of Minnesota Football Highlight Film
"They Learned to Win" - 1975 University of Minnesota Football Highlight Film
"Young Men of Gold" - 1974 University of Minnesota Football Highlight Film
"Gold Arising" - 1973 University of Minnesota Football Highlight Film
"Gold People" - 1972 University of Minnesota Football Highlight Film
"Mac is Bac" - 1994 Macalester College Football Highlight Video

Pro Football:
Minnesota Viking Highlight Films: 1969, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1980
NFL Highlight Films: 1978, 1979, 1987,
NFL Films Feature on Fran Tarkenton (7:30), Raiders, Packers, Cowboys, others. (ask)
NFL Films Feature: John Elway's Greatest Comebacks (CSN)
CBS 1980 "The NFL:Today" features on, Tampa Bay Bucs, Staubach, Landry, White.
1980 Superbowl Highlight Film: Raiders vs Eagles.
Semi-Pro Football - 1997 St. Paul Sting Highlight Video

"New Gold for Old Glory"- 1980 U.S. Hockey Team Video
WHA: 1973-74 Minnesota Fighting Saints Highlights

1965 World Series Video: Twins vs Dodgers
1987 Minnesota Twins Highlight Video "Twins Win"
1987 World Series Video: Twins vs.Cards
1991 World Series Video: Twins vs. Braves
Feature on University of Minnesota Baseball


High School Football, Hockey. Clips of various teams, players, and topics. Also, a few
very special sports tapes, not listed above.

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