Want to make money buying music CD's? If yes, read on to find out how!

Associate Name: Todd Young
Associate Code: TYD-89-10209

PGM CD Group
10209 Oak Lane, SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Dear future associate,

Thank you for your interest in the PGM CD Group money making system. Our program is so simple that even a child could do it; but, it is so powerful that it can give you the ability to earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars, with very little effort on your part.

Here is how our program works:

  1. You purchase a membership into the program from PGM CD Group for a one time fee of only $14.95 which you send to the address above (make your check / money order payable to Teddy Craig). Please be sure to include a copy of this letter with your payment.
  2. Once you send in a copy of this form, along with your payment, you will receive a copy of this form with your personalized associate code. Be sure to include both your first and last name so that we can make your checks payable to the appropriate person. You will also receive 3 music cds selected randomly from our vast library, sent to you via 3 to 5 day express mail delivery, as a part of your membership package.
  3. After you get your personalized copy of this form, you simply have to distribute it to as many people as you can. Ways of doing this are: by handing it out, by sending it through the mail, by publishing it on the internet, or by any other legal means that you can conceive. Then you wait to receive your check(s), which will be sent out on a monthly basis, to the mailing address which you provide to us.

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How much money can you make:

For every single person who becomes a paying member we will send you a check for $4.95 or approximately 1/3 of the member fee. So, for every person you get to join you make $4.95 profit, which can add up to huge profits quite quickly. For example:

  1. Once 100 people join, you will have made approximately $495.00
  2. Once 1,000 people join, you will have made approximately $4,950.00
  3. Once 5,000 people join, you will have made approximately $24,750.00
  4. Once 10,000 people join, you will have made approximately $49,500.00
  5. Once 25,000 people join, you will have made approximately $123,750.00
  6. Once 50,000 people join, you will have made approximately $247,500.00
  7. Once 75,000 people join, you will have made approximately $371,250.00

As you can see, the sky is the limit. And you can do all this with no other membership fees beyond the one time $14.95 that you paid to initially join. However, first you have to put forth an effort by sending in this form along with your membership fee. The amount of money you can make, signed up as an associate of our program, is truly limitless.

NOTE: If you have any troubles printing out this page on your current printer, or if you do not own a printer that you can use to print it out, then you can always make a printout at any local library that has computers and a connection to the Internet. Most of them should also have at least one printer. Just make sure to bring some change, as many charge a nominal per page printing fee.

This offer is valid for residents of the United States only!

And remember...

The only sure way,
That you can always fail,
Is if you never try to succeed!