I'm Todga Balinga but you can call me Todge. I am 5'3" 100 lbs black hair with brown eyes. I have a lovely light complexion. I am considered a native by most, but I'm sure I must have some European blood in my ancestry. I just turned 18 last month and my dad gave me a little dog, a Toy Poodle imported from France for my birthday. It was a cute little thing at first, but it soon became a pain. It was always yapping and had to be taken for walks every day or it would pee and soil the floor which upset the servents. So I got rid of the thing. I gave it to this girl I didn't like much who I met at my boy friend's party. She couldn't very well refuse a gift from the President's daughter. It's great to be from a family at the top of the social circle where the world revolves around you. It wasn't always like this though. My dad was Chief of the Mango tribe when I was a little girl and we had to lived with the common natives. Well he is still Chief technically I guess. But now he is president and we live in the palace in Maroua. I am getting married next month to Donald Ruman. He owns a large plantation in Gastro and is one of the richest peopel in Bologna. We are going to Paris France for our honeymoon. I love Paris. I lived there two years when I was a little girl, during the war in my country. My dad sent me to Paris to stay with some friends. I hated to come back after the war, but it was great to find I lived in the palace in Maroua when I got back. When we get back from my honeymoon I'm going to make Donald take an appartment neer my home in Maroua or a house maybe. I migh even get my dad to let us live in the palace with him. Donald spends to much time working in his grape vineyards I'm damn sure not going to live there with him, let his sister run it. He has plenty of people working there who can run it for him. My dad gave him a government job, so he has an office in Maroua. He will be Secretary of Commerce. It's not much of a job so he will be able to spend most of his time with me. We don't have a lot of commerce in Bologna just mostly wild life tourest and some wine exports. Most of the other commerce is smuggling of illegal merchantdise which Donald can't do anything about. So he will have a nice office which his secretary can run for him and he can spend all his time on me. With his fortune he shouldn't work anyway. I hope all you common people don't get jealous reading about me in my home page. After all you are important too, not as important as me, but important nontheless. I realize without you we couldn't exist in the lifestile we now enjoy, Thank God we will always have you common people to serve us and take care of our little needs and pleasures. But of course you need us too to guide you, and not allow you to flounde in your bumbling ways. We will always love you and take care of you. You won't have a worry in the world as long as you obey and respect our sovereignty.
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Your Princess Todga
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