The Magnamund Atlas

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Night Owl introduces you to a Kai Lord named Storm Raven. Immediately you notice that her jet-black hair has a streak of silver in it, much like that famous Shianti wizard you've heard legends about. But you can't remember his name, and you quickly push those thoughts from your mind. Storm Raven's room is strewn with astrolabes, parchment, and all sorts of mapmaking equipment, some of which you don't even recognise. One map in particular puzzles you... it is spherical in shape, rather than flat like every other map you've ever seen. You find it odd that Magnamund can be depicted as a round object instead of the flat planet that we all know it is. But you also push that thought out of your mind as Storm Raven hands you her latest work - an atlas of all the countries of Magnamund.

NOTE: All information on this page is accurate up to the year MS 5050. Some of the population figures have been adapted by the members of the Lone Wolf ERPG in the interests of reflecting a more realistic number.

SommerlundHolmgardKing Ulnar V325 000Gold Crown
DurenorHammerdalKing Alin IV96 000Gold Crown
CloeasiaKadanZultan Guldarra28 000Gold Crown
VassagoniaBarrakeeshZakhan Moudalla1 000 000Gold Crown
CasiornCasiornHigh Mayor Kordas30 000Gold Crown
The WildlandsRagadornOverlord Lachlan20 000Gold Crown
The Lakuri IslesKita CoveCaptain Khadro1500Gold Crown
LyrisVarettaKing Konral XI120 000Lune
The DarklandsHelgedadArchlord ZagarnauncountableKika
SalonyRhemPrince Ewevin60 000Gold Crown
MagadorHelgorKing Vanagrom VI120 000Gold Crown
DeldenLuyenKing Naumon III65 000Gold Crown
EldenoraDuadonPrince Cillan137 000Gold Crown
SloviaSuentinaGrand Prince Ormond190 000Lune
AnariTahouPresident Dabudei61 000Lune
PalmyrionVanamorElector Manatine156 000Lune
RuelMogaruithGrand Druid Cadak8000Lune
CaronOrelloSvedchek Moldo20 000Lune
LourdenPforodonThe Senate of Arlcor106 000Lune
FiralondFirinaGrandar Beylian89 000Lune
KakushNikesaEmir Chotan76 000Gold Crown
ChamanGleeshArch-Chief Borghanaphon30 000Lune
BautarTalonMagnalord Fennic20 000Gold Crown
ValerionKelisThe Fathers of the Truth66 000Lune
DessiElzianMagi Regnanti20 000Gold Crown
TalestriaGarthenQueen Evaine100 000Lune
OgiaXanarWarchief Zegron42 000Kika
The Danargnoneunknown50 000none
BorBoradonKing Ryvin130 000Ain
The HammerlandsBlackshroudBaron Shinzar62 000Lune & Kika
EruHumboldPrince Graygor13 000Lune
SkarorCragmantleDarklord KraagenskŻl38 000Kika
The HellswampunknownSwamplord Vag'kroagunknownnone
NyvozKagorstDarklord Dakushna75 000Kika
NyrasDarkeWarlord Magnaarn55 000Kika
GhatanTorgarDarklord Dakushna25 000Kika
TadatizagaunknownThe Shog'aash260 000none
ZaldirShpydarDarklord Gnaag26 000Kika
IxiaXaagonLord Ixiataagaunknownnone
KalteLjukBrumalmarc Kzu'tooa6000Gold Crown
LenciaHelmstormKing Sarnac III92 000Lune
KaslandCasalaArchduke Chalamis180 000Orla
BodenAnarinKing Lomaer II120 000Ain
StarnMount VostKing Korl2000Ain
CincoriaQuillaMargrave Vactor XXIV68 000Lune
KlarnosDragenKing Hulz96 000Orla
IlionFeravanThe League of the Sword55 000Lune
HaliaSaldorDuke Isak12 000Lune
LunarliaAvalarKing Aluvaria XV300 000Lune
TelchosTelchosThe Council of Thirty30 000Telc
RezoviaMaulaKing Delhan92 000Orla
SiyenSeroaKing Oridon IV480 000Orla
The KelderwastesSheasuCount Laj2000Ren
BhanarOtavaiImperial Autarch Sejanoz350 000Ren
VaduzhanVaduzKing Rhetaka120 000Ren
MyhtanShotiaGrand Prince Tsumobi43 000Ren
ChaiPenseiKhea-khan89 000Ren
LissanRakholiKing Samu220 000Ren
The Great Sadi DesertnoneWytch-king Shasarak80 000Noble
AnduiAnduiMother Chowloon8000Noble
ShadakiShadakiWytch-king Shasarak850 000Noble
LaranoneWytch-king Shasarak2000Noble
KorliKorliMother Solani15 000Noble
ForluForluMother Lhasa36 000Noble
TaklakotGyanimaThe Mad KingunknownKote
The Forest of Fernmostnonenonenonenone
KarnaliKarnaliSado of the Long Knife17 000Noble
SuhnPort of SuhnMother Magri25 000Noble
The Isle of LornThe Temple of AmidaHigh Wizard Acarya1500none
The AzanamnoneKing Okosa12 000none

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