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Night Owl directs you to a particular tree, no different that the multitude of others. However, closer inspection reveals that it appears to be made of some type of metal. The knobs and branches of the tree provide more than adequate purchase for you as you climb to the top. After an ascent that seems to take forever, you look out and find you are in the Forest's canopy. At the very pinnacle of the tree you are in, there is a small square platform which you pull yourself up onto. There you find a column of glowing blue light, a colour so blue you cannot quite find the words to describe it. As you step into the light, you realise that this is a teleportation beam, which will take you to any location in Magnamund you wish.

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The Kai Monastery
Where Eagles Fly
The City of Toran
The Great Library of Sommerlund
Kinam's Kastle

The City of Hammerdal

The Darklands
The Claws of Helgedad

Desert Lynx's Oasis

The Lyris Outpost

The City of Tahou

Lake Vorndarol

Garthen Observatory

The Magiocracy of Dessi
The City of Elzian

Southern Magnamund
Demian's Gamebook Webpage
The Forest of Fernmost

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Earth, A.D. 2020
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