-I like girls
-Drugs (see anti-drug message)
-Car audio
-Home audio
-Junk food
-Health food
-Eating at moms
-Throwing up after eating at moms bowling
-Smoking cigars
-Drinking fine liquor (jugs of cheep vodka)
-Pimping (acting like an ass to impress the ladies)
-Conversing with other Homo spipens.

LiMe JeLlO
My Favorite Links:
I am 18 years old an am attending CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, CA, I like to do cool stuff or sit around all day and do nothing.
ray's site
Other idiots have seen this page
Make sure to smoke your "Weedies" !!!!!
Don't do drugs!
Drugs are just a waste of your money and time.  Drugs can make you do stupid things and can really F**k you up. (Cannabis is not a drug, it is an
Throughout the course of my short time on this planet I have come up with several stupid/controversial theorys.  The best of these is the Darwin Theory.  I think that all of the stupid people in the world will eventualy kill themselves.  Because of this I think that it is funny when a person gets killed, hurt, imprisoned, or deported while committing an act of stupidity.  A good example of this would be someone who became deceased while in the process of huffing propane, A person who died trying to break the world record for most hamburgers consumed in an hour, or the person who crashed their car by straping rockets to the back of it.  If you do not see these things as funny, you suck. 
I am not Jewish but somehow this dreidel seemed to fit on this page quite well so I will let it live here for a while.
One of my greatest friends in the world, Jesi, has a very cool zine that she writes.  She can't put it out because she lacks the monetary resources required to put it out.  If you send me money I will have her send you the next isue of her zine.  By money I mean anything (change, a dollar, 27 cents, whatever)  Just send me the money and I will give it to you along with your address.  It really is a a good zine.
Jessie's Page
I just took my first Yoga lesson.  I was totaly skeptical before I went but it was really cool.  I felt a power that I have not ever felt.  Kinda like some good chronic and several beers.  Fuck that, I hate beer.  It just tasts like piss and when I drink it I want to throw my guts up.  I could drink some of the Cossack Vodka that is on my printer but that would just be stupid.  Nothing like drinking vodka, smoking mad bud and listening to A Tribe Called Quest.  This song is starting to piss me off.  Fuck stupid dumb ass pop music.  I wish all trendy bands would go to Ace hardware, buy hacksaws and cut their small shriveled penises off.  The polaticians do nothing but steal and eat doughnuts all day.  I wish I had about a bag of bit of honeys so I would be able to chew on something.  that would be a  cool thing.  So long, time to party.  blaze on.
I would like to say that I am tired o f all of this sodomy and other sex with people who smoke crack.  Panama smokes  a lot of the green green sticky ganja.  Smoke mad bud all day and have a good christmas bud smoking to all in this world.
I have to take a test so smoke must be blue starfish bumble hood dash monkey dish droppings.
I hate all things that are cops.  Thet dive out tickets to use the buss stop in a bad sexual way.  So bitch you be so mad the tree.   die how avcomp will sicken and die twenty cents at radio shack.
this was  when i was eating an apple.
   I've never been a wise man, actually in most cases I have my head shoved so far up my ass I have no idea what I'm talking about, like now.  More recently I've found myself thinking about the future and what it holds for me.  For me, not you.  Not for any of your family either.  For once in your life think long and hard about me, and my future.  Don't hold back... I know you care. 
    Care about me because I have to live in a society that is full of people like you.  You mindnumbing idiots that can't seem to understand that I want to go to a restaurant and get my damn bread more then a minute and half before I get my damn entree.  Fuck you.  Fuck you, you retarded fucking assholes.
Mas cosas interasauntes...
I just got back from that stupid city by the bay.  If you ask me, and you will not, San Fran can suck my pen 15.  There are too many streets at slopes like walls.  We were acosted by an angry homeless person outside of the hippy district.  Everyone's like green bud, green bud and we were like suck my pen 15 you punk pain in the ass.  You must die like all other people that eat rat ears when they drink distiled dog doors in the dark.
I was just thinking that this is totaly obsurd.  Not one of my writings makes the least bit of sence.  It would make more sence if it was all like in that one's and zero's language.  I wish I was here to translate that sexy rythem and rime for Kendra.  what a ch.  dope dittley skoolabopa didley dope dimens slop wow.
The real joy of Christmas is getting all the shiznit that you wanted and more.  Giving sucks the royal bunghole.  Not to worry.  I got my dope ass longboard and lots of scrilla.  Mary f'n Christmas and a happy new years.  May 2001 be as cool as 2000 or 1983.  I was born in 1982 so figgure that out.
I am watching you right now.
I wIsH i HaD a GiRlFrEnD!
will she ever find it in HER heart to love me like i know i would love her?
my guess is no.  but what the hell.  what do i have to do other than try to win her affection with storys of duct
tape and koala lumpur?  life does it's work in strange ways so i can't help it to be patient.  i am just a nice guy, and nice guys never get the girl.  or do they?
Fuck Canada And For That Matter Fuck Canadians Too.
Have you read this months hightimes yet?
Well, this is going to be a long story told in as short a fashion as I can.  On Saturday the 10th at aproximately 12:00 at night decided that It would be a good idea to drive to Reno, NV to get a little Chinese buffet.  Well we drove for like about 4 hours and we got there.  We walked around the casino for a hour and then went up a small mountain to a spot that overlooked Reno.  We smoked pot and slept.  (Actualy, we smoked grass the whole trip.)  We woke up in the morning, went down to have some buffet brunch (overpriced breakfast), and left town.  The drive home took about 1,000,000 hours or about three stoner days.  We drove all around Lake Tahoe.  Then we went to Joey's house.  We left there in a trance and returned to eat some "delicious" Moms food.  Reno was a lot of fun but next time we will bring lots and lots of Red Bull, or maybe some crank.  :-)   Live and learn.
[]D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[]
This is what Reno looks like.
This is what we slept in.
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Team BASS Htz.
Question of the day:
Do you think peeps are at all edible?
Ian, Call me.  We should go out.  (Chicks only)
Don't be a Dork!!!!!!!!!!!
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I've got to tell ya'll that I am becoming more and more anti-Canadian.  I have this teacher that thinks Canada is the best thing since well...just a boot anything.  Fuck that shit.  She can suck her dearest mums dick.  I have a plan.  I will take my plight to the border durring spring break.  I just need to find the skrilla and some mode of transportation.  Oh yea, BC, save me some of that great chronic that I know you are famous for.  Fuck Canada in the ass with Mexico. (Fat end first)
I want to see who is viewing this site.  It would be really cool if anyone that sees this page would enter their name and location in this box and press enter.  Thanks
Things I like:::::::::::::

This is a list of    all the coolest      people I know.

1.Jessi Watters  (for ever)
3.Vallia Adams
5.Joey Doll
6.Levi ?
7.Joel Siebe
8.Panama Goodman
10.The dude next door
11.that 15 year old girl at the party
12.Matt Murry (blaze on)
13.Chris Dunn
14.My next girlfriend
15.Brian Hines
16.Liz Ruinquest (still love ya)
17.Jasman Short
19.Adam Croxton
19.The girl in my anthropology class
20.Ken (fuck that, I did not know)
21.That chick that comes to the Hots parties.  (She is short and smokes mad buds.) (She doesn't smoke now)
22.All of our friends down at the local taco truck.  Those bastards stay up all night so we can get $3 food that is made of gato.
24.Jessi's sister
25.the guys from Link 80  

Myranda's Spiffy Page
This is the link to my       literary journey into        poetry.
To Do Drugs!
Fuck this bullshit!  I'm pissed off because my longboard got stolen.

If you ever want to get in touch with me for any reason.  My # is 1-209-601-0097.  If you call over and over and I don't know you I will start to get pissed off.  I will never talk to you again as long as I live and will probably hunt you down and kill you with a spork.

I love ya'll
Just say...uh...what was I going to say?
Marcus' Great Web Page
The great reverend ruby