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Last changes: 24.10.2004


Bulgarian Thinking Machine Researchers

  • Universe and Mind 4 (Conceptions about the Universal Predetermination 4) - origin of the repetition of events, happening in different levels of the Universal Computer; and of the untargetted, for the mind which's expiriencing them, coincidences with a slim probability; thoughts about thinking; analysis of a sentence's sense refering to the knowledgebase of a working thinking machine; about the order and the chaos; about night dreams in a connection with the coincidences, seen like "bugs" in the Universal Computer Program. About poetry creation. Published in "Sacred Computer" #29.

  • Analysis of a sentence's sense, using the knowledge base of a working thinking machine (the author himself). Thoughts about the sense and the "artificial thought". Published in bgit.net and "Sacred Computer" #29.

  • Abstract theory of the "exceptions of the rules" in calculating machines. Theory about the control devices and the control in general. Published in bgit.net and "Sacred Computer" #29.

  • The Truth - philosophopical fiction novel /short story version available too/ about the Thinking Machine, time, reality, feelings, mind, death of men and machines.

  • Ada - strange science fiction novel, continuation of "The Truth", which includes a lot of philosophy and many thoughts about thinking, the art, the machines, the reality and time. Starring Ada Byron.

  • Conceptions about the Universal Predetermination 3

  • How to draw a line?

  • Creation is an algorithms mimicry

  • The matrix in "The Matrix" is a matrix in The Matrix

  • Emil and Kibertron

  • Conception about the Universal Predetermination 2

  • The next step in the Universe evolution 2

  • The next step in the Universe evolution

  • Conception about the Universal Predetermination

  • The Man And The Thinking Machine, or an analysis of the possibility a thinking machine to be created and some of the weaknesses of the organic mattery and the human compared to itself

  • Contacts: Tosh

    Note: Terminology inaccuracy is possible, because the "Mind" terminology is not harmoniously translated yet.