Come, click awhile and see what the three of us have been up to.  From the desert to the ocean and everywhere in between, we are working on getting the most out of life.

I wanted to make a site to show off the girls and people started asking about me. I don't know why but they did so I added a place for myself. From there this became the haven for Isis to collect a gather, Cyan to get some attention and for...well, I am just here to show off some skill and the girls.

See what happens when you put three girls together.

Cyan Desdemona
I am the youngest of the three. All I ask for are toys, love, a nice bed, and food.

January 2000

Isis Egyptian Goddess of Resurrection
Everyone loves me.  You love me don't you? Don't make me come over there.

March 1998

I am the keeper of those two. There is more to me but that is all they will let me say.

March 19xx

You only have one life. Get a dog and live a little.