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27th October 2000
Today I put up a harvest moon 64 music page where you can download the seasons midi's and now you can email me by clicking on my address   
so please do because thats what I put them there for!!!  
23rd Ocober 2000  
Today I fixed my Guest Book because the link was broken and put up a recipes page and a Girls page for Harvest Moon64 and added more pictures to the Harvest Moon64 Pictures page!
22nd October 2000
Today I put up a Guest Book so please sign it!   
And I also put up my harvest moon64 page which is pretty cool!!
21st October 2000
Today I've put up a Downloads page with only two downloads and I'm trying two put up a counter which doesn't seem to be working and I'm going to put up a Guest Book sometime so if you have anything you want me to put on my site email me! 
20th October 2000
So far I have uploaded my music page,  Never Seen before page and the pics on it!!
22nd January 2001
Today I Update this site after a long time...  
There is now a chat room that I hope works and a links page. 
23rd January 2001
Today I uploaded my Faq and fixed the links
on my links page, (they should all work now)
And also I put harvest moon roms on my downloads page as well as an emulator but
have not tested yet.....
Email me at:
 If there are any broken links!!
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