Welcome to my Site.

I built this when I got bored during m school holidays to fill the time. I plan to put photographs that I have taken with my camera while I was on holiday or othe times.

On the right you can see the navigation, all the links have been added, but I'm planning to expand my contents.

The bottom right are my albums of photographs. All of those at the moment are photogaphs of where I have been on holiday except for the album named other. I have got my pictures of Cornwall at the moment.

At the moment you are on my indexpage. Dont forget to leave a quick note on my Shoutbox to tell me what you think of my site. Also check out my blog which is at the moment hosted by Tabulas.

Enjoy my Site


Photo Albums
  • Atacama Desert
  • Cape Canaveral
  • Easter Island
  • Sydney
  • Cornwall
  • Other
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