Vamp Whore
This site is mainly for the amusement of myself and for the support my obsessions. But if you have stumbled apon it feel free to look around and if you know me u may of may not be surprised depending on how  well u know me. Im currently back at college studying again so if it doesnt get updated for a little while Im sorry. It is still under construction, there alot mores pages I want to build and add.
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Body Art-
So if u dont know me then u probably wont be aware of my love for tattoos and piercings. i combine my tattoos with my love of the 'The Nightmare before christmas', Tim Burton and Johnny depp. I currently have 27 piercings and 14 Tattoos, one of which is not finished yet. The next one i want to get will hopefully be of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands. My other ones are 'junk girl', out of Tim Burton 'Oyster Boy' poetry book, on the inside of my other arm i have a Jack Skellington that Tim Burton Himself drew for me, Jack Skellinton's head and tie out of 'The nightmare before christmas', followed by Sally, The Mayor, oogie boogie, santa and the Professor (they descend down my leg in a spiral- not complete yet either)  a scene out of 'The nightmare before christmas' on my back (this is  unfinished aswell), below that one i have Lock, Shock and Barrel, then again below that i have 'Day Walker' in Latin, two 'Toxictoons' on the top of both my feet and the best of the crop - i have Tim Burtons signature on the side of my back- one of my life ambitions!
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Take a Browse around my Sisters Boyfriends website. Hes an amazin Racer.
A Strange Thank You
Ok - SO this has to be the best experience ever. Alot of the filming for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory took place in the studios just down the road from me. thanks to my tattoo artist and a friend i got the chance to go to the end of production cast and crew party. I was told Tim probably wouldnt be there as he was a very buy guy, but i went anyway!OMG it was amazing, there were giant sweets everywhere, big jars full of them, chocolate fountains, bumper cars- it was like being on the set. Waiters walking around with champagne everytime your glass was empty they gave you another. Neway back to the point. I was talking to my friends dad and he said he'd just been talking to 'Tim' so when i regained the use of speech I asked where and ran round to find him, totally walking past Johnny Depp on my right. I really didnt know what to do with myself, my two life long idols in the same room with ME! I ran up to Johnny said the most standard obsessed fan line 'you dont know me, but I fucking Love you', i apologised and he laughed. i was so surreal and amzing im so shocked i didnt faint, we chatted for a few minutes about the film and how good looking he was, i pretty sure i did tell him i wanted to marry him! He hugged me 3 times (OMG) and kissed me on the cheak and the side of my lip, then was called (or protected) by his body Guard and left. I then(having learnt from my previous mistake) calmly walked over to Mr Burton who was there with his wife helena bonham Carter. I introduced myself told him how much he inspired me and showed him my tattoo's. He was a amazingly cool guy we chatted for about half an hour about this website my tattoo's his future films etc. he said he was blown away by my support and that i loved his work so much i had i tattooed on...and i swear to god he held the top of his nose(to stop him crying). Both him and Helena
were so affectionate they kept hugging me and Helena kept saying I was so cute and lovely. totally out of this world experience! I still to this day cant believe it happened, im so lucky but of course I didnt leave without asking him to sign the botton of my back (below my NBC tattoo. i told him i would have it tattooed on, he though this was so sweet. He also drew me a little jack (of course i had that tattooed aswell) and signed a piece of paper just incase the pen rubbed off. I had to wait 3 days to get the tattoo done and yes you are right i didnt have a shower until it was done. Just incase you wondered Tim Burton is soo handsome and gorjous in person (aswell as on camera), Helena is beautiful and so tiny. Johnny is just so absolutely stunningly sexy.

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