As of April 5th this webpage will be frozen as-is. That's when Yahoo begins 
 charging for ftp uploads. Since I'm not making any money from this thing and 
 I'm not vain enough to pay to have my views distributed, I'll likely just 
 leave it the way it is. AFM updates will move to a free site soon. - foggy -
   |                             THE FOG BANK                             |
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   |  No, it's not your imagination. This site is rude, crude and highly  |
   |  non-graphic. In fact, it's downright ugly. Some graphic browsers,   |
   |  like M$'s Internet Exploiter, enhance that ugliness by lamely       |
   |  making an even bigger mess out of it. On the other hand, anyone     |
   |  who wants to hit it, can, regardless what sort of cheap, crapola    |
   |  browser they got. I don't count hits either and really don't give   |
   |  a damn who accesses it. I respect your privacy and anonymity. But   |
   |  there are limits - I don't know what my ISP or the FBI are up to.   |
   |                   Screw 'em!  Kick back and enjoy!                   |
       - TAKE YOUR PICK - 
   |  Another Foggy Moment      The weekly insane, inane ramblings of Yours 
   |                            Truely on whatever I damn well feel like 
   |                            venting about. Not a child-proof neighborhood.
   |  Homeport Puget Sound      A regional guide to the Puget Sound's highly
   |                            fascinating and diverse nautical resources
   |                            and culture. Many links. (Ex-Chuck Wawa site)
   |   Links                    Net links for everything from News (geek  
   |                            as well as normal), funny stuff, my heroes,
   |                            astronomy, sliderules, computers, radios,
   |                            Catholicism, horseracing, hockey, lacrosse
   |                            used-books and whatever else turns my crank.

   For a wickedly fast, simple, lean, mean browse'n machine, I recommend
   you try that marvelous text browser LYNX. Compared to those fat, 
   bloated graphic browsers, this Baby screams. And you'll never have to
   look at another ad again for the rest of your life.

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