Over the many years that we have been working in the non-profit world we have come to realize that a good number of non-profits are not prepared to compete for the philanthropic dollar. They are either bogged down in old ideas or just do not have the correct staff and tools in place to make a difference or to get their message and mission out to the public.

The Stoner/Olson Group is dedicated to making even small non-profits more productive and efficent by completing a comprehensive review of current practices of the non-profit and engaging in productive dialog and strategic planning with the director, board members and staff.  This will enable us to come to the correct conclusions and suggestions to improve the non-profits place in a very competitive marketplace.

We are dedicated to long-term committment to our clients, and  to make our services affordable and comprehensive. Results can be seen quickly and the correct plans put in place for long term development of relationships. These relationships will lead to Major Gifts and Planned Gifts and increased Grant production.

An important part of our consulting package is the excellent training that your staff and board will recieve, both as a group and one-on-one.  After we have completed the training, we provide continued support services and are available to answer follow-up questions.  In this way we can insure that your team is on track and producing for the future.

If you want to see your organization traveling a more productive path give
The OlStone Group a call, or feel free to e-mail or fax us with your questions.  We are here to serve your needs.
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