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Hi all,

My name is Togar M. Simatupang. You may call me "Togar". It's good to tell you that the word "togar' means "to console" in Bataks language. Batak is one of ethnic groups which originally inhibits in North Sumatra of Sumatra Island, western part of Indonesia. 

I was from Medan, the central city of North Sumatra. I am now a resident in Bandung, the central city of West Java. Bandung is known as a flower city. Dutch people call it as Paris Van Java.

I join Department of Industrial Engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology as a lecturer since 1991. My teaching area involves logistics management and systems thinking. Recently, I study in Institute of Technology and Engineering at Massey University, Palmerston North, in New Zealand.

My hobbies include badminton, jogging and reading. I also like listening to music and watching sports.

It's great to say hello to you. I just develop my simple humble home page to pave the way any contact with various people around the world. Roni is one of my nice friends who inspired me to start a home page. He takes a master degree in Department of Applied and International Economics at Massey University. Hope you enjoy my home page especially on "Academic Profile". Other interesting sites will follow soon.

Have a great day! Rejoice always! Keep smiling coz your smile is always nice.

Horas, kiaora, and cheers,
Roni and Togar at flaming ceremony of the 3rd millenium Universiade Olympics on 1st January 2001 at Massey Campus
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