Glorinda Marie
Glorindas' immense passion for film acting led her to found a networking and collaborating group for filmmakers. She started the San Francisco Chapter of Indieclub early this year and now has over 275 members! The diverse pool includes directors, producers, writers, actors, crew & more. Glorinda coordinates interesting meetings targeting filmmaking and hopes to inspire creations in Film and DV in the Bay Area.

Glorinda's true passion of acting will be coming to theatres and festivals near you soon!

This summer...get "Miserable"! Top of the Slide Productions presents comedy feature, "Les's Miserable". Glorinda plays 'Jane Muir', an eccentric boa sporting film critic who is
entangled in the lives of a wannabe director and his sleazy agent. Don't worry, Jane will have a martini along with a couple of aces up her sleeve! Misery has never been so fun!

In "Bar", a quirky feature starring actor/comedian Tom Rhodes, Glorinda plays 'Rosie' a bachelorette who is planning the perfect party for her best friend. Rosie will learn the imperfection of perfectionism as the party unfurls.

NEWS! Scheduled to shoot this Fall, Glorinda has been tentatively cast as 'Mary' in "Magdalen". This drama blends Eastern & Western philosophies in an attempt to breed
religious tolerance.

NOW! Glorinda is currently in production with a quirky festival short called "Looking For Parking". She plays the 'Meter Maid'. Eh-eh-eh!
Glorinda Marie
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