I just did it!! i feel so intellectual! [i should         probably take                 this off?]
there is no catharsis!
die you very evil creature i am furious!! you must. ughh words aren't enough! i might as well consume the space so there you go.. "balderdash"
HATe? what's with abhorrence that entices them to ... wait i sound really moronic.. ::STOP::
kettle corn
Made out of boredom, I have created the nonstoppp expansion of this "whatever site" that doesn't make anysense so i'm really gonna stop it ok ?? great this is a 1 minute wrinting made by el. plllease don't.. i don't know i can't think of anything to write so i must just type what i think i need to write but then i'm not thinking. ::dazed and confusedd::
i realize that what i've written up there does not make anysense.  i will still not erase it so i could look back on it and laugh at myself. pffft. i really suck in writing crap. ::evidence read above entry:: Well i'm off to make fun of the other pages...