poor little monkey
Are you sick of taking the day off, sitting down and finding that there is nothing else on the tv but The Tweenies and The Teletubbies, and of course Kilroy?
Whatever happened to the cartoons that were so good when we were kids and why don't they show them anymore?

This is a site dedicated to the good cartoons of the 80's. Cartoons like The Transformers, Thundercats and Fraggle Rock. 0h, and i've added some extras along the way.

So I say
DOWN with Bob the Builder, bring back The Fraggles!
Painfully kill the Teletubbies
Click on one of the icons below to help refresh those vague memories of these once loved programs.
Or click on one of the others and help me rid the Earth of the evil known as The Teletubbies!
This has absalutly nothing to do with cartoons,
but my girfriend is insain and I thought, why not devote a page to her isanity.
Ohh ye, if you like socks its a good page to look at.