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Download XML-MAKER by. cebuPH


The Old Dna is out, dnalite now is in!
Download dnaLite Delphi Source
Download dnaLite Executable

You may want to edit dnalite.ini to point to your
fusion server... 

make sure that you put all the files together with
your fusion server.. to avoid error..
Fusion RO Launcher/Encoder
Use with Caution / description is in the community forum.....
Download Fusion RO Launcher/Encoder

1211 Opensource GPL - modified by cebuPH

These is one that i was talking about.. 
These not a complete one... but partial of it..
I included my Whole SRC/Database/Script Folder for testing
and compiling

Modified Procedure/Events

ontouch: - this is my original coding before i post, ive been using this
         - quite sometime, before i finnaly post it.. 
getday: - returns integer value 1 - 30, Present Date of the month
getmonth: - returns integer value 1 to 12, 
            Present Month, January = (1) to December = (12)
today: - returns integer value 1 to 7, 1 = Sunday and soon.... Present day
inputC: allows the character to input Character string via NPC...
pvpon: script command
pvpoff: script command

saving procedure....
improve txt based saving routine, 
 - i only save character who's online, 
 - i save character who logs off..
 - thus render the backup facility utterly useless...
 - character deletion - pet included
 - Player deletion 
 - saving of all gamedata is done only during server shutdown..commit all..
 - GAMEDATA\Character -
 - GAMEDATA\Guilds - 
 - GAMEDATA\Castle -
 - GAMEDATA\ServerStatus -
 - GAMEDATA\Pet - (useless - moved to GAMEDATA\Player )

Advantages: when the server crash,, the gamedata is not affected....
DisAdvantages: thus rollback the game by the last autosave trigger

other bug fixes.....
 - pets 
    * pet do not display on other clients by the time the player showed up
      via warp/teleport/login,,,,   
    * pet now display both client and other client during login/warp/teleport...
    * pet do not have auras(Floating Blue Sphere effect)
    * pet do not get transparent

I dunno if this is a bugfix in callmob
* Change the last parameter in Callmob from Cardinal to String..

There still some odd things that i have not overcome yet...
you may find it also during playtime.... but until then
i may have a good answer for it, and the modified version
will be release here. 

This is opensource you may modified, steal, or anything...
it's up to you.. i dont care what you do.. i just post it
for one reason alone...

For EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES... i hope you understand..