Enter if you dare...
really bored, desperate-for-some-form-of-entertainment people have come wandering through... AND EXPERIENCED DEATH BY BOREDOM!!!
Entirely cow!

Mirym has actual
plans to do something with this site now! Other than just put off renovating it for months at a time!

If you didn't get the "entirely cow" thing...

holy cow = wholly cow = entirely cow

I'm thinking like... an Asperger's Syndrome FAQ thingy so I don't have to spend so much time trying to explain it. And also various essays on various topics that take would take up too much space in my blog but were written to be publically available.

And hell if I'm keeping the black background with bright text. I love that sort of color combination, but I don't like websites that immediately give off angsty lame pre-teen homepage vibes.

Ima start doing my own html coding here at some point too.