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Hi I'm Tokkon (and/or Bryan Grube; real name)!
I forgot to mention, my title w/the abbreviations. They mean TLK=The Lion King; SF=Spell Fire; NR=Net Runner. Mainly because these come from completely different worlds and different people (well some people that is).

I will be upgrading this site as often as I can.

My interests lay in SpellFire and NetRunner for CCGs.

And most importantly The Lion King for the moive part.

There are other moives out there, sure, but The Lion King is by far the best movie I have ever seen.

UPDATE! (10/20/1999) Added new links :) Be sure to check them out, find them at bottome of page.

Visit the Serengheti Plain

Visit the SpellFire Realm

Hey, use the above link to see what my SF section looks like and vote for the best site for SF!

Visit the Corportation of Net Runner

Visit the world of Sigil and hear some of the quotes I have picked up by the party

The Earth (and AD&D and SF)

Learn More About ME!!

Links to other sites on the Web

Good Net Runner and SpellFire Link
The SciFi Club at College of DuPage which is located in Glen Ellyn, IL.

barnesandnoble.com Homepage

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