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Sunday, August 30, 2001
Updated by neocaska

       zoinks    I have to go back to school soon, so that's one reason why there will be no contest this and next week. The contest will start Sunday, September 9. Sorry I haven't updated for erm... a while. Oh and I'll be deleting the GUILD BAAZAR since no one wants they're shop to be posted. If I get 10 PROTEST I will not delete it. I'll be waiting for any protest until September 4. Mail chained_angel ALL YOUR PROTEST!

Sunday, August 20, 2001
Updated by neocaska

          AARRGGHH!! There's so many stuff I need to arrange here. Posting the CLIFFHANGER, LENNY TRIVIA, CARDCAPTORS and yadiyadiya... at the right place! It's driving me half nuts! Plus, I have to think about a new CONTEST (hmm... nevermind I think I got one, now too put it in words). And another thing that stupid lawnmower outside is so... so... y'know! It's been there all morning! Geez, how long does it take for that guy mow?! Now that I've got it all out, I think I'm gonna work tomorrow. Sorry about the stuff here getting misplaced and all.

Sunday, August 17, 2001
Updated by neocaska

          OY! So many things I did today! Okay, the SPACE MAPS, POOGLE SOLITAIRE ORIGINAL (AND 2), NEOKNIGTHS, GUILD BAAZAR and CONTEST got they're make-over... Well actually I did SPACE MAPS and some of POOGLE yesterday. I also added LENNY TRIVIA but I haven't posted it in some pages here so don't GAGA, K?

Sunday, August 16, 2001
Updated by neocaska

           I guess I've finished the pictures earlier than I expected and that's actually good! Now I have more time fixing the guild and straightening things up. I'll be uploading the pictures later and you'll see them soon. Oh and I always keep forgetting to thank bubble390. She gave us the answer for NEOKNIGHTS so you can all get to the high scores and earn points. Later!

Sunday, August 15, 2001
Updated by neocaska

           Hey, everybody! Like the picture above? Not the lil' one but the BIG one. I'm going to change some of the ugly pictures around here like the picture in the POOGLE SOLITAIRE for example. I haven't finished some of them, and I haven't uploaded the others. Hopefully I could finished them by this Friday. Oh and about the little picture of Yuffie above, I decided to put like that one resembling my mood today so you'll be seeing pictures like that from now on. I decided to use Yuffie cause she happened to be the picture I liked there. I might change it to the 'Happy Tifa' (or someone else) but that'll be some other time now.

Sunday, August 12, 2001
Updated by neocaska

           Sorry that I haven't add here tons of stuff. Sorry everyone =(
Anyways, I have 2 news. You can now see BERSERK and CARDCAPTORS in our ANIME SECTION! THEY'RE DONE! Oh and the CARDCAPTORS one, may take some time to load so pls be patient. Thanx! There's other new stuff around so check them out too. Oh and one more thing, I changed the music but I will change it later on.