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Hi, I hope you enjoy my page, and get something useful out of it. I've finally completed the large-scale update I've been planning for some time. Some of the pages hadn't been touched in months! Some pages have been updated and others, removed - the Madras/India page, for example, was useless.

That leaves the Sishya School Pages, which alone haven't been updated with the rest. Go to the Sishya page for details.

means that this section was updated or rewritten in the last major update.
means that this is a NEW section introduced on my page during the last update.


  • The X-Files Page - Indian division - One of my favourite shows!Updated!
  • Sishya School - The place I suff..err,study,at.Updated!
  • My Favourite Links!Updated!
  • All about me! Updated!
  • Miscellaneous stuff - various text files on some interesting subjects,etc.
  • My Music Page - and various music related stuff..
  • A Complete Internet/Communications glossary.
  • My Robert Ludlum page, devoted to him, and his wonderful books! Let me know if you have any info on a serious Ludlum site - I can't seem to find any.
  • My page on MIDI music,and some of my favourite MIDIs to download is here.
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