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This page hasn't been updated in ages. I'm sorry I haven't been able to deal with it, but the fact is that I've graduated, and no longer even live in Madras. It's difficult to stay in touch with school and happenings there..that's why the page is still as it was before I passed out. We have a new Pentium filled computer lab in school, so I hope someone from school will take over this page from me soon and keep it as up-to-date as it should be - a webpage is certainly in the works. As and when the new page is put up, I'll link to it from here. Otherwise, I can't do very much living in Bangalore, except add the occasional bit of news and put up the names of ALL the alumni who've sent me their email addresses.Since there's no one else except the Alumni Net page I'd still like to hear from any alumni.

Blatant Plea! : Are you an alumni of Sishya? Or do you know anyone who is? PLEASE let me know their email addresses, or atleast snail mail, and let me know, in brief, what they are doing now! I want to start a database of alumni, especially those with Net access. The email addresses are most important!!

Sishya finally has a listing on the World Alumni Net with bulletin board, alumni list, etc. So ANYONE reading this, go and register yourself IMMEDIATELY! The site is here.

Also, there is now another Sishya page  with a lot of photographs and stuff, but mostly about the Class of 97, maintained by my classmate Shyam Sriram.

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