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I want to say a big Thank You to Aruna who was the first to tell me about this great show...

Yes, well, this page is also still very much under construction, so I don't have very much here. Soon, (hopefully), I plan to have a lot more stuff here, like a list of X-Files links, and the various X-Files FAQs and stuff. Until such time, as I do, you can get any basic X-Files information from all the other sites on the Net. I basically want this to be a page for Indian X-Files fans. If any Indian fans (especially) have doubts about the show, or want to know one of the episode names, or something, email me, and I'll try to clarify it- without spoiling the plot, by saying what's going to happen. Anything on this site, will be spoiler free for Indian fans- ie, nothing about episodes not yet shown on Star TV here.

For now, I just want to say that the series is currently being shown in India and all over Asia, by the satellite TV network, Star TV, on it's Star Plus channel. The timing is Wednesday nights, 10 PM, Indian Standard Time.It is also repeated on the next Monday night at 1 am,IST. They started the show's first season on (if memory serves right) August 1st, 1995. They have, since telecast the first 3 seasons and are now repeating episodes.

Here are a couple of links to other X-Files sites, with masses of info about the show..although since many are US and UK based, there may be spoilers for Indian fans, since the fifth season is (as far as I know)about to start in the US.

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