Welcome to The Dragon's Realm. This site is, as most pages are, constantly under construction. So please stop by often and pass the address along.

   Hi all. Been a little longer than I liked since my last update. Still plugging away at the modifications. FINALLY changed the title pic and the background. :) If you see any broken links or anything you would like to see improved,  please let me know. ;)

   In case this is your first venture at this site, you will notice real quickly that it is a massive collection of organized links. Aside from being my bookmarks away from home should I lose my bookmark file (again) these pages are also here to provide you with a massive flood of Web sites in several of my fields of interests. Anime being my favorite, it has become the most well developed portion of my site.
   These pages contain many links to many of my favorite sites as well as a file or three. Space is limited here, so there obviously are  not that many files, but I will add them as time and space permits. Hope you enjoy my homepage and please spread the address. Thanx!

Below is a great Anime store.  Well worth the mouse click.

Toy Hell

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