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Page updated 9/5/98 (Senior Senior Senior! Senior Senior Senior!)
No matter how much other anime I watch (it's not much, but I'm getting there), I still think that Sailormoon is the best anime out there, shoujo or shounen (most of which I don't care for, but...), but a few close runners up are Fushigi Yuugi, Tenchi Muyo!, Magic Knight Rayearth, Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha), and Ranma 1/2, all of which I hope to soon have a small page to say something about.  Watch Sailormoon on Cartoon Network at 4 pm Weekdays (and it seems to be there to stay).
I've left this page alone for so long, I just had to give it a completely new look!  So, in the tradition of Sailormoon R and S, I've added a letter (ß), but no German words begin with ess-tset, so... I'll leave it at that.

Parts of the page
This is what I have up now, and what I hope to have up soon (but I can't make any promises).

 Music Yup, it's pretty pathetic, but it will definitely be expanding, soon.

 Lyrics Definitely the first thing to change... the text pages save space, but they never come out right on the browser.  So, I'll be HTML'ing them (and fixing some of the translations, etc.)

 Pictures Will fix the links, gets some more (totally redesigning Sailorkhyron!  Just need it scanned), plus any fan art (I promise I'll put it up!) you might send in.

 Handmade Sailormoon Stuff Well, I really will make what I can, and I'll trade it for anime or whatever.  Just something to make the page more unique and freakish.  Maybe I'll sell it on eBay if there seems to be a market for it...

 Miscellany Other Stuff, soon to expand.

 NEW! Anime Trading Page What I've seen, what I have, what I want.

Temple Soon to be a few shrines put together into my very own Anime temple. 

Alternate Profiles
Well, I haven't done this fanfic yet, and I haven't worked on it, and I'll probably start from scratch, but, these ARE funny, so...

 Sailor Khyron
 Sailor Venus (hee hee)
 Sailor Chibi Moon
 Sailor Mars
 Sailor Mercury
 Sailor Uranus

Links to More Moonies

Karl's Sailor Moon Page of Infamy Lots of North American Sound Clips and Links.

Lyda's Sailor Moon Homepage A personal favorite of mine (take the moonquiz to see if you are a real Moonie or just an American watcher).

Lyric Moon A great page for lyrics...Complete beyond complete!

YKYWTMSMW (STARFOX) A good place for some inside laughs (I do more than 90% of these...really!).

Sailor Moon Ultimate Midi Zone This page has MIDI's of NA Sailor Moon, along with other assorted goodies. (Formerly Cyber Page)

Hitoshi Doi  The best page on the net for information on Sailormoon!

SOS! Even though I am all for Japanese SM, I still like the North American version! How do you think I started?

Many thanks to Karl Zaryski for the .mp2 converter,  Hitoshi Doi for lots of information, Calistrisa for the movies (tapes) and art, Bomi Lee for midi's, an unidentified flute player for introducing me to Sailormoon, and probably a hundred other people. Whenever you have time, drop me a line! I love e-mail, and I would love to know what I can do to make my page better. If I have anything that is yours, tell me and I will give you credit or take it off with no problem. PLEASE DO NOT COPY ANY BACKGROUNDS OR PICTURES WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION!!!!!!

Have you ever wanted to go around in a dumb circle?

If you have comments or suggestions, email Sailorkhyron at 

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