Pei P'ai Shaolin Ch'Řan T'ai Chi Ch'Řan
Shaolin Lien Pu Ch'Řan Hsing I Ch'Řan
Hung Ch'Řan Pa Kua Chang
Pa Chi Ch'Řan Liang I Ch'Řan
Mei Hua Ch'Řan Szu Hsiang Ch'Řan
YŘeh Chia Ch'Řan  
Tang Lang Ch'Řan  
Ts'ui Pa Hsien Ch'Řan  

This is an unofficial site dedicated to the memory of Chang Dsu Yao, one of the most all-round Chinese Traditional Martial Art masters of the twentieth century.
Grandmaster Chang Dsu Yao knew to perfection many "external" and "internal" Kung Fu styles (see the lists above). He was a specialist of all typical Kung Fu weapons too. He was awarded the 10th Degree Red Belt (the highest Kung Fu rank).

In these pages you will find Grandmaster Chang's biography and basic information about Chinese Traditional Kung Fu.

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NOTE 1: Throughout these pages the words Master and Grandmaster are used as synonyms. That is due to the fact that in Italy a unique word is used - maestro - for both the meanings. So, for example, you will find references both to "Master Chang" and to "Grandmaster Chang".

NOTE 2: For the transcription of Chinese ideograms into latin alphabet characters, Wade-Giles romanisation method has been used.

NOTE 3: Since English is not the author's native language, he would be very grateful to anyone who could report him any mistakes or imprecisions in the lexicon, in the syntax or in the style of these pages.

Web site started at the end of 1995. Last updated on Febraury 17th 1998. This site is currently no more maintained.

Notwithstanding the great care taken in compiling these pages, the author cannot take the responsability for any imprecisions here contained. All information has been collected from direct experience in the School, from the
Bibliography and from School's internal papers. Remember that these are unofficial pages. That means that the contents have not been revised or approved either by the School or by Master Chang's relatives.

You can contact the webmaster here (but consider that the manintenance of this site has been discontinued since 1998).