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What's New?! [新東東?!]

There is not much new stuff here recently. In fact, I having a reconstruction plan of all my pages. I will try to kick my personal stuff in glink and computer stuff to another place in GeoCities - voidspace and keep only eastern stuff here in order to fulfill the orginal idea of GeoCities on Tokyo. I still don't know what kind of thing will be here may be anime or weiqi. Have you any comment?

這裡最近都沒有啥新東東。事實上,我正打算重新篇排我所有的網頁。私 人資料將會全踢去glink ,電腦則放在 voidspace。而這裡只會保留一些較東方的東東如動畫,圍棋等,以 符合 GeoCities 對 Tokyo 最初的構想。

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C, C++, Java, Perl and Delphi

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Linux, Vendor

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CyberCulture [網絡文化], Webpage Design

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Dictionary, Stephen Hawking

Weiqi (GO) [圍棋]
An acient Chinese Board Game

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Anime, Movie, Popstar

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Searh Engin or Meta-Indice like Yahoo!, Alta Vista

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Page of some people and my friend

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