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PT.Wiratman & Associates, an independent, multidisciplinary architectural and engineering firm, provides a complete range of professional services to private and public sector clients throughout Indonesia and beyond. The company's comprehensive professional services are used throughout the assessment, planning, design and construction phase of any large development project. Employing more than 400 professionals, including 250 university graduates, PT.Wiratman & Associates has set design standards by better understanding and communicating the technical and design implications of the client's prestigious projects.

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Dr.Ir. Wiratman Wangsadinata, President


Ir. Daud Tegasan, Vice President
Moch.Roem Husni, Director of Marketing
Ir.Tateng K.Djajasudarma, M.Arch,IAI, Director of Architecture
Ir.Steffie Tumilar, M.Eng,MBA, Director of Building Structures
Ir.Vinyaman Soehardi, Director of Irigation
Ir.Benjamin Tirtawidjaja, Director of Special Projects
Ir.Rudy Mathias, Director of Construction Management
Ir.Widyastuti Grahita, MBA., Director of Administration and Finance
Ir.Petrus Z. Mulia, Director of Power Engineering
Ir.Yulianto, Director of Environmental Assesment
Ir.Budihartono Wiyanto, Director of Foundation Engineering

Scope of Services

High-rise building Fabricator Infrastructure
Dam PT.Wiratman & Associates has provided clients with various scope of services, including Project Management, Project Identification and Feasibility Studies, Design and Engineering, Construction Contract Documentation, Tendering Administration, Supervision and Inspection, Construction Management and Project Start-up and Commisioning.

Drilling Equip. Servey Water Sampling
In addition, PT.Wiratman & Associates owns and operates field equipment for geotechnical and geological investigations, as well as for geodetic, aerial and marine surveys, while soil samples are tested in the firm's own soil mechanics laboratory.

The company's broad interdiciplinary base of services allows it to quickly respond to the overall needs of the project, resulting in cost-effective designs.

Services And Bussiness Activities:


Building Structures

Hydro, Power & Environmental

Civil Engineering

Site Investigation

Special Project

Dr.Wiratman Wangsadinata

Dr.Wiratman Wangsadinata

Dr.Wiratman Wangsadinata, founder and current President of PT.Wiratman & Associates, graduated in Civil Engineering in 1960 and received his Doctorate degree in Structural Mechanics in 1992 both from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

After participating in numerous international projects, such as in Indonesia's first highrise building, the 30 storey Wisma Nusantara, Dr. Wiratman estabilished PT.Wiratman & Associates in 1976 in response to the ever growing demands in Indonesia for top professional architectural and engineering services. Since then the firm has successfully completed many more designs of highrise buildings and has participated in many more prestigious projects.

Dr.Wiratman has been the Chairman of several prestigious professional associations, and is presently the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Highrise Buildings of the Jakarta Capital City. He was awarded a medal for distinguished service for his work as Consultant to UNESCO's Candi Borobudur Restoration Project in 1983.

Since 1960 Dr. Wiratman maintains active teaching positions with the Departement of civil Engineering at ITB.

Indonesian Academic Homepages

Civil and Geotechnical Engineering

General Interest of Indonesia

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