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News Update : We are planning a BIG reunion for 1999. It's going to be the biggest and best one ever ! If interested, please email us for further information.

What is SanUr City ?

Behold !! You have reached the borderline between our close-knit community and the rest of net dwellers. Here is where close encounter of the SanUr kind is a possibility. SanUr is an abbreviation for Santa Ursula , our Alma Mater, a Catholic based school in Jakarta, Indonesia. This city has been built for ALL Sanurians , especially the alumnus, to establish a networking system amongst us. Whether you are a Sanurian or not, have a look around, it's on us !


SERVIAM is the motto of our school. It literally translates to : "To Serve". As our motto, Serviam means : To serve God by serving the community. And by holding on to this, we walk the path of our lives. This however does not necessarily mean that we are to be subordinates to anybody (but to God Himself). This is just to clear things up, as there are some people who are not that amused by this term.

It is also the title of our School Song .

Our Virtual Community

Our VR community consists of alumnus (so far) who graduated from different levels. SanUr is basically made up of 4 different levels : Kindergarten (TK), Primary School (SD), Secondary School (SMP), and High School (SMA). TK and SD are co-ed, whilst SMP and SMA, are only for girls. Newsflash : A while back ago, SMP Sanur did actually produce male graduates. This was only for the Class of 83, 84, 85. Most of that generation went to continue their studies at Canisius College (CC).

The major part of the school is SMP and SMA, hence the term : Santa Ursula Girls' School . Therefore, a few male SD and SMP alumnus (coming) can be found here too. Some of them continue their studies at our brother school, the one and only Canisius College . They also have their own homepage, long before us. It is called CCnet .

Would you like to see if you know any of these legendary Sanurians ? or maybe just feel like saying hi to us ? Included here is a list of our members (plus email address, of course). If your browser does not support table format, click here .Some of us have our own homepages, so to check them out, just click on the highlighted names.

Joining our Vr Community

For all of you who have registered, thank you very much ! Keep passing the words around. We sure are growing !

All of you who feel that you are a Sanurian deep down inside, we encourage you to join our ever growing mailing list. Since this city has just started to operate, the City Hall is still in a mess. Records of alumnus will be kept safely, though. Please fill in the registration form and return it to the Council. It will only take a sec, and just leave the rest of the headches to us, here, at the City Hall. (See how nice we are ? hehe...)

There are already members from USA, Australia, England, Japan, Indonesia (of course !), and the Netherlands. It is time for us to expand our wingspan !!

Entertainment Centre

This is going to be the 'NEW' feature of SanUr City. It will contain :

Serviam Magazine -- Some articles from the Official Santa Ursula magazine, "SERVIAM"
Pojok Kreatif -- Our own little Creative Corner
Favourite Lynx -- List of useful links
Tembok Grafiti -- Hey, every City must have their own Grafitti Wall, right ?

So guys and gals, release all those creative force in you ! Make this page of a kind anyone will never forget ! You can submit ANYTHING (NO "need to be censored" type of stuff, though !) For example : illustration, pictures, photos, even poetry if you feel like it ! We'd like to keep this page as clean as possible..... Ok then, do your stuff, and be part of it.

Feel free to write to the Mayor or to the Council, if you have any ideas or suggestions, or if you just feel like saying hello. Also, tell us what you think of our city. Constructive comments are mostly welcomed.

E-mail The Mayor ! (IMAGE)

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