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Kon-nichi-wa. GOBUSATA; long time no see!!  How have you been?;   Genki?

Free Online Japanese Lesson - Series 8-1 - updated
February 11, 2002
Would you believe this is the 8th year for this class?!

Today's expression is used in such context as follows: "Please accept this from us/me and this is HONNO-KIMOCHI. It means; it is not extravagant, but a simple exression of my gratitude/greetings to you.

HONNO: always modifies the succeeding noun, and it means; humble, simple, small, and trifling. KIMOCHI:literally means ones feeling or heart, so it can be gratitude or congratulatory wishes. I think this expression is wonderful because it is materializing ones feeling in Japanese humbleness and also it is used in the spirit of sharing! .......

Audrey, the apron is HONNO KIMOCHI from both Ohyagi-san and myself for your happy occasion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Months after her marriage, our good colleague, Audrey Karikomi at last went home in Malaysia to have the first big get-together of both families and to have professional wedding photos taken. Audrey, congratulations! OMODETO! And please accept our HONNO KIMOCHI!!


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