Greetings Earthlings! You have entered my territory and are now required to read all about me. (What more could you ask for?) Just kidding!
I graduated from the College of William and Mary with a BBA in Information Technology. My resume is available for referencing.

I love, I mean, I really love sports. Check out some of my favorite sports

Even though I was born in the states, I try to maintain my identity as a Korean; not just a Korean American. My friends go so far as to call me an F.O.B.wannabe!

Here's my homage to a cheesy show I loved in college. Click here for some of my other favorite shows.

The one thing that I can't live without is music. Click on the headphones for some of my favorite artists.

I also like to write my own songs. They're worship songs so far. Here's my first song: Relinquish. Hope you like it.

Click on the Integra to see some of my favorite cars.

Just remember this:


That's it for now. Thanks for visiting my homepage.

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