For the observant, this site is incomplete. Why post an incomplete site? Simple. My sites are run independently and linked directly to the individual pages on other sites and in search engines. The index page exists for very old links, random searchs, and for trying out new ideas (and posting it on the net lets me see load times and how the geocities servers are going to treat it). The OMG WebRing gets 70 to 100 hits a day (that is only visits to the homepage directly, it does not include the ring traffic). This page gets around 10 to 20, but I bet most of you are going to the Ring anyway aren't you? Well, HA! I havn't finished that section of the swapping layers yet so you'll have to live with going to the Y.E.S.S. But you can still get to the ring from there. Enjoy. - Kitsu
The Kitsu Project is an umbrella site for online fan resources devoted to anime and manga, specifically the series Oh My Goddess! by Fujishima Kousuke. In more pedestrian terms: I am Kitsu. These are my projects.

Currently, this site encompasses the Yggdrasil-Earth Support Services (Y.E.S.S.) and the Oh My Goddess! WebRing. Plans in the near future involve the continued work on the Y.E.S.S. Comments, Questions, etc. may be addressed to myself at


Descriptive text concerning the Y.E.S.S. to appear here....

Testing layer 3.