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Sculptor/graphic artist

Welcome to Cyber_Arcadia

Hi all. Well here I go. This is the first Cyber_Arcadia web site! What is Cyber_Arcadia? Well it's my place to let you get to know me and who I am. What is a "cyber Artist"? I am a artist/sculptor/Computer artist. My art is both real and electronic.more are can be found on my links list.

This page will cover my art work and other projects and other hobbies like Japanese anime and large sculpture projects.

My work is a big part of my life.I love to sculpt and work on new projects. I am working slowly on my B.A. in arts now but already have my A.A. in arts. I started out as a pen & ink artist and did design work for letter heads and logodesign work in the mid 80's and now I have gone back to get more training in 3D art. I am also a big Computer animation fan and have felt that the computer is as much a tool for art as it is for science.

I said in 1978 that the computer would be used this way by the 90's.I wanted to be a computer graphic artist then but no one knew how to teach or set up a class that let you learn to do art on a computer then.Oh well, some people see clouds and other see castles.

I will be posting pictures of my artwork that is up for sale and some that is in the works. I'd like to find a job in movie prop making and design work if I can but you find that work if you're in the right place at theright time. Let's hope this web page can cover both. Ok that's it for now. I'll be adding on to thesite as the days go on. Please e-mail me if you have any

:GeorgeE.Greene. Cyber Artist

Sometimes Art isn't something to look at.

Its somthing you have to feel....

I see the"What If's" I see what can be and what is and isn't right.
  I believe that as an artist I have to see more than the next person or I'm not doing my job. as an artist. I am here to bring you my visons what ever they may be what ever form they take as they are designs from the chaos.

This site is under construction. Please check in for updates to my art work coming soon or check< .

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