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Name: Serena
Birthday: June 20th, 1978
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O-
Favourite Color: White, Pink
Hobbies: Shopping, Video Games
Favourite Food: Ice Cream
Least Favourite Food: Carrots
Favourite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favourite Subject: Mathematics
Height: 4'11''

This is Serena a regualr 14 year old. She is quite a cry baby and a whiner. One day she met a cat on the way home from school named Luna. Luna became her guardian and gave her a locket. When she shouts "Moon Prism Power!" she becomes Sailor Moon, the Champion of Love and Justice.

Sailor Moon is the leader of the sailor scouts. The rest of the scouts, especially Raye doesn't think she is much of a leader. But she is the force behind all of them, the one force that keeps them together with her friendship.

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