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Osu! Ore Takashi to moushimasu, douzo yoroshiku onegaitashimasu. Welcome to my webpage! It is still under construction at the moment because I'm updating it. Haven't update it for 4 years now and that is a long time so please kick back sometime soon and it'll be a brand new look. Thank you! DOUMO!
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Today June 24th 2004. I'm working on this webpage, soon it'll post with some brand new stuffs, please check out later soon. Thank you
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Leo He
My best friend Leo's HomePage...
If you want to order some Japanese CDs, you may order from here
Here is the store where you can buy a lot of Asian VCDs, CDs, Posters, Gifts, etc.
Putting some more Links later soon
NJStar Chinese/Japanese Software...
Click HERE to see a Java script I did when I was taking CIS class
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