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My name is ka chun Chu, I was born in Hong Kong, the place which is going to be handed back to China in 1997. Six years ago, I immigrated to Australia and is working for Qantas. Before I came to Australia, I was working for HAECO, there I have a lot friends, some are still there, some have left and worked around the world, UK, USA, China, Canada, etc. If you happened to know me, E-mail to me so that we can keep in touch again. If you don't know me, and want to make friends, You are still welcome to contact me. About my job, I am doing the aircraft maintenance work mainly on Boeing 747-200, 747-300, 747-400, 767-200, and 767-300; both airframe and engine. I have a new page starting not too long ago, want to have a look, go to my second page

Thank you for visiting me, hope you will be back soon.

1996 ka.geo@yahoo.com

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