Narimasu High School
Narimasu our voice we raise,
To thee we sing our praise,
Always and ever,
We'll forget you never.
We'll always pledge anew,
Love for the white and blue,
We'll always pledge to thee,
Our loyalty.
Remember the Narimasu High School Fight Song?
Welcome to my Narimasu High School Website. This site was created on April 24, 1996 to aid in locating former Narimasu High School students, particularly between 1965 - 1971 for the purpose of assisting others with contacting "lost" friends but grew much larger than intended.  This has been a labor of love and I hope it's helped many people re-connect with "lost friends".  I will continue to post reunion pictures and other tidbits of information with the primary focus on the classes '65-'71 .

Official Narimasu Alumni Association website has been launched.  Several of the pages previously found here have been given to the association to be included in the official site.  I encourage all everyone to join the association and take advantage of it's membership priveleges.  Dues are $20 per year which  includes access to all areas of the official site, newsletters 4 times a year, reduced rate on reunions and an updated directory every 2 years.
* Reunion Information *
Reunion/Gathering Photos
Overseas Brats Gathering - 2006
Annapolis, MD - 2006

Colorado Springs, CO - 2004
Orlando, FL - 2003
Las Vegas, NV - 2001
Williamsburg, VA - 1999
Oahu, Hawaii - 1997
Berkeley, CA - 1996
Albuquerque, NM
Seattle, WA - 1995
(Class of '65's 30th Anniversary Reunion)

BRATS: Our Journey Home is the first feature-length documentary, narrated by singer/songwriter Kris Kristofferson, about a hidden American subculture - a lost tribe of at least fifteen million people from widely diverse backgrounds, raised on military bases around the world, whose shared experiences have shaped their lives so powerfully, they are forever different from their fellow Americans.
Finally!!! A film that explains what it's like to grow up military!
Lost your yearbooks? Can't remember what someone looks like?
Check out the Senior Class Yearbook
Senior Photos for the graduating classes of '65-71
A Tribute to our Narimasu Veterans...located at: Narimasu Veteran's Page
Read some articles that appeared in the Stars and Stripes .

Special thanks to Rob Damico '68 and to the staff of the "Stars and Stripes" for providing the pictures and stories
The Dragon's Roar
E-mail Addresses for Narimasu alumni. 
Please advise of any corrections.

Memoriam Page to honor fallen classmates
Take the Narimasu Quiz and see how much you remember about a place far away & a time long ago. Good Luck!!
*Special thanks to Marti Helms Williams '67 and Mike Brown '70 for their contributions!
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A Chatroom is now available for meeting with "old" friends and catching up
on years gone by. Drop in to see if anyone is here or contact your friends
and arrange to meet at a specific time
* It does not require any special software, anyone with access to the internet
and using any Java enabled browser (like Netscape and Internet Explorer)
should be able to access the room
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Brat humor e-zine about a bunch of 16 year-old bad boys growing up (fast!)
in Tokyo's neon lights.   A must read!!

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