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Work Information

Currently employed for a major global local and long distance telecommunications corporation with strong customer service organizations in six continents, working at a centralized network operations location monitoring and maintaining switched services and associated fiber and frame relay networks, and responding to alarms, testing and trouble shooting circuits.

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Resume Information

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a rewarding career position in the telecommunications and computer industry for a service-related company domestically or internationally.

TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE: TELECOM CORPORATION, ; Test and Turn-up Technician (September 1999 - Present) - Configure and turn-up DS-0, DS-1, and DS-3 ATM, Sonet, and frame relay networks. Access 1X0, and 3X0 DACS to condition the network signal format and framing, as well as make interconnecting transmission system connections. Perform REACT Bert pattern tests conforming to signal format and framing for continuity and conditioning. INACOM INFORMATION SERVICES (formally known as VANSTAR CORPORATION), Orlando Florida; Field Coordinator (March 1995 - September 1999) - Logistics support for hardware, software and network solutions for p.c. stations and printers. Maintain and ship p.c. stations and printer components for inventory value of $600k to support 50 plus field engineers. NEC CORPORATION, Tokyo Japan; Technical Writer (March 1982 - August 1987) - Wrote engineering manuals to support electronic products and telecommunications equipment installation, operation and maintenance, product brochures and ad copy for marketing campaigns. Rewrote, edited, proofread, reviewed and translated existing manuals, corporate reports and training materials.

MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: STEAK 'N SHAKE INCORPORATED, Altamonte Springs Florida; Manager (May 1989 - June 1994) - Hire, train, test and supervise a staff of 30 employees for the highest volume, most profitable store in the southeast U.S.. Maintain labor costs, control inventory and generate weekly reports. Increase sales and number of repeat customers.

SALES EXPERIENCE: DELTONA LAKES REALTY INCORPORATED, Deltona Florida; Associate (March 1988 - September 1989) - List, sell and appraise residential properties.

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ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Maitland Florida; B.S. in Telecommunications Engineering Technology, 1998 - 1999; 850 hours theory and lab; Honor Student (3.8 GPA). A.A.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology, 1992 - 1994; 1000 hours theory, 1000 hours lab; Honor Student (3.7 GPA).

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Personal Interests

SKILLS: Load and troubleshoot software systems, Windows; setup software applications including internet browsers, Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage Editor and Lotus Suite. Troubleshoot hardware for p.c. workstation failures to replace circuit cards and modules. Design, construct and troubleshoot circuits, read schematics, and operate test equipment.

CERTIFICATIONS: Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM.

PROJECTS: Internet Page, Analog Multi-meter, Alarm Systems, Binary Calculator, and Infrared Voice Radio.

INTERESTS: College Football, Golf, Piano, Traveling, and History.

FOREIGN LANGUAGES: Japanese & Chinese (hanashimasu, yomimasu, tenkin shimasu, wo shuo zhong wen yi dian qing gei wo da dian hua).

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