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Lucky You!

I have moved back in. Did U miss me? : )

Now lets C. What do we wanna talk about? Like A/S/L?? No!! Forget that! That is *soo* boring. I am a *College Girl* in case U *just* have 2 know. : )

Maybe we wanna talk about the Survivor TV show! That was very exciting. But? All the morals it taught were bad. It was rat eat rat, and in the end? They did. My friend Ben, he is a *Someday Gonna B Famous* type playwrite in New York City!! Gak!! And? He is writing a play on the program, and the Big Brother one 2!! It is gonna like burn the hair off your eyebrows. *LOL* : ) He already had this off Broadway play that was *very well received* : ) I *never* saw it, but, Shhhh. there is this girl in the play? She is called the Princess Irene? And she is just like me!! Hehehee. So? Where did he get his *inspiration from?* Real Life of course!! : )

Oh!! And do U ever watch SailorMoon? U know Serena SailorScout? Well!! *Sometimes* I think there is *somebody* following me around just 2 get new ideas for that show!!! She is *just* like me!! Except 4 one difference. *I* am not a 14 year old crybaby!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!! *LOL* : )

Ok. Change subject. Do U believe in Ghosts? No? Cool!!! Then come over 2 my house and scare those creepy wherever they are out of my bathroom!! I don't care *what* they are, I just don't wanna hear *another* Ooooo from them *at all* thank you very much.

Ok. I will write more later. Here is my chat *just in case* U wanna visit. : )
My Chat. Talk 2 U later! Byeeee.