Shrine of Miss Hinako Ninomiya

A new remedial teacher principal Kuno hired turns out, in his surprise, to be a little girl.

Furikan High gets a child-like English teacher, with an awesome chi-sucking attack, which temporarily turns her into the best shaped babe in the series. When there are fights, she pulls out a 5 Yen coin and uses a "Happö Go-en Satsu" technique. Hinako absorbs fighting spirit through this 5 Yen coin while turning into an adult, with a soldier-like personality, because of her technique.

A counter-technique, to change Hinako back into a child, involves simultaneously striking several pressure points on her chest and back. To execute it, Ranma has to put his hands on stacked Hinako-sensei which appear sexually compromising. Any time he gets close enough to try someone interrupts by catching him in the act.

Furikan High's students are afraid of Hinako's powers, but since "Little Girl" does not use her powers often, they take advantage of her child-nature and goof around in class. These students call her "Hina-Chan-Sensei."

As a sickly child, Happösai trained her in what she thought was "Best Gymnastics." Happösai really taught her the "Happö Go-en Satsu" technique to take out opposition from his panty raids.

Entrance: Volume 25 part 3 OAV 4

Hina-chan-sensei both forms

Distinctive features: either looks likes a young child or a twenty-something woman. She has long dark hair in either form and clothes which fit both a child and an adult. When in her adult form, these clothes hardly conceal her protrusive feminine body-parts. She has many child-like attributes in her child form. For example, not wiping her nose, playing with toys, and wanting candy.

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