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Hello and welcome to The Spatula Web Site! This site is dedicated to the cutest, coolest, and most beautiful babe in the Anime universe: Ukyou Kuonji! It is here in The Spatula where you could find facts and pictures of Ukyou, even recipes for okonomiyaki - Ukyou's favorite delicacy! And that's not all! The Spatula contains links to the best Ukyou Web Sites around the globe! And for those of you who don't know anything about Ranma ½, The Spatula also has a page dedicated to the story of the best cartoon series ever: Ranma ½! The Spatula also offers Ranma ½ music files and three dedicated Anime internet search engines! The Spatula Web Site is really your ONE-STOP for Ukyou Kuonji!!! So go ahead and explore The Spatula to your hearts content! I hope you enjoy your stay!

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The two-part ending episode of the Ranma ½ TV series is to be aired on Star TV Mandarin/Phoenix on Wednesday, May 14 and Thursday, May 15. The show starts at 11:45 pm on channel 60 (Sky Cable viewers), and is dubbed in Chinese. In these episodes, Ranma finally gets to meet his mom (Nodoka Saotome), but as Ranma-chan. They found out that Genma promised Nodoka that if he fails to make Ranma a "man among men", he would commit suicide along with Ranma. If Nodoka finds out about Ranma's curse, Ranma and Genma are practically dead. In these episodes, Ranma tries to get out of this mess. The story is similar to "Like Water For Ranma (OAV 2)", but it is more dramatic instead.

in other news…

Ukyou finally debuts on RPN 9, a local Philippine TV station, when they aired "Tendo Family Christmas Scramble" on Sunday, May 4. The episode, which is a part of the Ranma ½ OAV series, featured Ukyou, although it's not really her first official appearance. RPN 9 stopped airing the "Anything Goes Martial Arts" series of Ranma ½ and showed the OAV series instead. If RPN 9 would continue to show the OAV series on TV, Ukyou's next appearance would be in "The One To Carry On - Part 1", slated on May 25. Watch for it! Here's a schedule of Ukyou's next appearances:

  • "The One To Carry On - Part 1" - May 25
  • "The One To Carry On - Part 2" - June 1
  • "Team Ranma vs. The Legendary Phoenix" - June 22
  • "Oh Cursed Tunnel Of Lost Love" - June 29
  • "The Two Akanes - Ranma, Look At Me!" - July 6

Personally I like "Oh Cursed Tunnel Of Lost Love" the most because it's in here where Ukyou has a lead role! So all you Ukyou lovin' Filipinos out there! Stay tuned!

The Spatula is proud to announce that the whole site now supports both Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 at any given screen resolution from 640 X 480 up to 1280 X 1024 using 256 colors! Gone are the days of script errors and disorganized layouts because of incompatibilities. The whole site could now be viewed by using any of the two browsers at a screen resolution of your choice, without sacrificing the layout of the page! About the "Last Updated On:" dates, well, I expected to finish the updates on May 10, but I guess I kinda worked faster this time and I finished making the updates 2 days earlier. ^.^ That's all for now, I'm gonna post the latest news here as soon as they happen. Thanks for stopping by!

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