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Dozo Yoroshiku! Boku wa Jason desu.

This is my homepage, it is under massive construction. This page is mainly devoted to anime and manga, which are for those who don't know is Japanese animation and comics.

Well as an anime fan, I 'm more open minded than many other fanboys. I really do like the cute girl stuff, but I am also a big fan of Shounen Manga, and of Shoujo Manga as well. I would have to say that my favourite manga magazine is indeed Shounen Jump, and that my favourite series that is currently running in Jump is Rurouni Kenshin. I am also a fan of Clamp and my favourite series are Rayearth and X. To find out more about what my favourite series are go to the link down below.

These pages of course will contain a lot of inline images.

Click HERE to see the list of my favourite Anime/ Manga series.

I'm trying to put up .mp2 files and some scanned images on my page, I am also trying to make surveys of differnt particular series, as well as something like "The Question of the Week" survey, when I can get to it.

Well this is my homepage, but before you hit the Back button, consider these other pages,

Character opinions and surveys of different series. Under Construction

Some horrid miscellanious stuff.

Image gallery of pictures

Some Links

My page of mp2 files

A little information about myself

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Well I would like to thank those who have let me use their images.

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