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Welcome to the Inaugural Henmi Emiri and Kato Noriko Site on the Internet

This is the first ever Henmi Emiri and Kato Noriko Site on the Internet that is solely dedicated to these two beautiful women. In addition to pictures and information about Henmi Emiri and Kato Noriko, there will also be a section that will be dedicated to women that are equally as beautiful. I looked and looked on the Internet for sites, besides the JPOP Idol Database, about Henmi Emiri and Kato Noriko and until recently did not find any. So I decided to make this site and here it is...

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Note: The pictures that have a "RL" behind the name were scanned by me and if you would like to put them on your homepage, please tell me and give me credit for my work. Thanks!

Special Thanks to Loke Yew Leong for providing pics of Kato Noriko! His pics were personally scanned by him and therefore are designated with a "LYL" after the name.

Special Thanks to Naruyuki Okimoto for providing pics of Henmi Emiri! His pics are designated with an "NO" after the name of the picture.

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"Belldandy, Peorth, Urd, Skuld, and Faye Wong are five of the seven most beautiful women in the world...Guess who the other two are..."

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