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My logo symbolizes the ancient belief that the world was composed of four basic elements: air, fire, water, and earth -- the elements necessary to make pottery.

My father's knowledge and fascination with history guided me toward an acute awareness of early civilizations. Much of the design, form, and ornamentation that I use is stongly influenced by the shape and feel of the artifacts left to us by the artisans of antiquity. Using round forms and enclosed shapes, I often adopt old symbols and designs from European, Middle Eastern, and Chinese art. My Peruvian heritage is also evident in much of my work. It displays the characteristic uses of gold, textiles and geometric forms of the pre-Columbian period. I have a strong desire to incorporate beauty from past art forms into present day pieces and thus transcend the barriers of time and culture.

Most of my pieces are shaped entirely by hand without the aid of the potter's wheel. I choose this technique because I feel that it best conveys primitive attributes that I want to portray in my work. Raku*, a sixteenth century Japanese firing technique, further reinforces the earthy quality in my pottery.

 Creating customized pottery is especially enjoyable for me. Cartouches, life pots, and worry dolls have been created for particular people. Often someone approaches me with the glimmer of an idea that, together, we develop into a special piece. I take great pleasure in such creations.

Here are some pages with more of my work.
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A little more about myself, Angela Smith


* Raku is a pottery firing technique dating back to 16th century Japan. In the western world, the glazed ware is removed from the kiln at approximately 1800 degrees, placed in a pit containing combustible materials, and tightly covered. This procedure reduces the oxygen in the chamber creating interesting and unique effects in the pottery's glaze.

These are my new spirit dolls. Each is very personal and reflects some inner part of myself

Spirit Dolls


Paintings on Silk

Large Fabrics

Many of my fabric patterns
are now available.
Please come and tale a look.

Fabrics by Elements

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