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Welcome to my page!
I'm just learning how to create a homepage, and thats why this page conatins nothing at the moment. Please stop by later, when I figure out how to make this into a really cool anime page. Anyways, heres a link to my FAVOURITE places to go for anime in cyberspace!


Links to other sites on the Web

The Anime Web Turnpike - Link HEAVAN
Ranma1/2 Universe - Best Ranma 1/2 page around!
Church of Ryouga Homepage - If you love Ryouga like I do, this is your page!
Samurai Pizza Cats Homepage - One of my all time favourites
Tsurugi's Anime Haven - Go to my darling's page! Check out all the stuff on the CORML!

Also go to my Samurai Pizza Catinformation page!!
And all of you out there with a good heart will you PLEASE send me info on how to get graphics!!!!

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