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My fanfics.
Read and wonder how a person can suck so hard in writing fanfictions.

My fanarts.Not too swell pics. What did ya expect, an artist? I don't think so, dude.

My fictional character Crystal Roberts answers everything... Even things you didn't know you were thinking of.

All you wanna know about the characters
(Both fictional and official) of South Park

GAH!!! TOO MUCH PRESSURE! No, really, this page is about the webmaster (yeah, that's me) and her boring life in Umea, Sweden

Yeah, links to my fave sites on the Internet

E-mail me and I will be a happy panda.
Please let the subject be "YOU SUCH A PIGF**KER, PHILIP!". Or just leave it blank.Or write what the hell you want. I don't really mind!

Why the hell don't you sign my guestbook?
I got...(counts) 4 messages in it! Come on!
Of (at this moment) 293 visitors only 2 other visitors got their asses to my guestbook and signed it!
Anyway, I have a new fic up "Friendship sucks ass", read it! And if you don't like it, I will kick your ass! YEAH!

Hannah, Webmaster.

This update:
*"Friendship sucks ass"
Next update:
    *The next part of "Catfght Camp" will be up next update... (NOT)

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