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Several aspects of this
page requires a BIG5
decoder to display
Chinese characters.

HKPC: Main Lounge
This site was created June 20, 1997
in recognition of those who struggle
to entertain us...

According to my counter...

people found this site.
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February 11, 1998
Profiles on Gigi and Amanda have been added. Other details are still being worked on. Let me know of any errors.

February 1, 1998
Welcome back to HKPC! I know... it seemed like forever since I last tampered with this page but I'm back. As you can see, this page now has an entire new structure and a bit more content. I will try to update more often. Let me know what you think! ^_^

January 1, 1998
Happy New Year!!!! It's time for a new fresh start in life. And I thought that I'll just start with this page. It's been long overdue for me to get the dust off this page and push my html programming to the limits. Well... we shall see just how much this lazy boy can accomplish in a month's time!

"If you love something set it free.
If it comes back to you it was meant to be."

Thanks to the wonderful people at Netscape, Mirabilis, and LPage who helped make my internet experience an easier one.
Special Thanks to GeoCities and all the skilled webmasters on the net who inspired me and aided me in the construction of this dream...

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